BAS Global AG

BAS Global AG is a global enterprise that supplies an extensive range of products to all major
international markets with corporate offices strategically located in the Switzerland, Germany
and Russia. BAS Global AG delivers products to local wholesale markets worldwide and providing
high-quality products and service to end customers.


Chemical fertilizers Wheat flour and grain
Livestock Meat
Sunflower oil Fish

About us

BAS Global AG is a trading company, which specializes on international trade. We help
manufacturers, distributors, sellers and buyers to get the best products in a wide
variety of markets and industries.
Deliveries are made on an EXW, FOB or CFR basis, using trucks, flexi tanks (both from 20 tons),
rail (from 60 tons) and ships (capacity of 2,000-6,000 tons).

Our success is defined by the quality and scope of our customer and supplier relationships, our product
and market knowledge, the ability to build long term value with proprietary products and services, and
the efficiencies we achieve throughout the value chain of global distribution.